Monday, August 15, 2016


It's been forever since I have posted it seems! Life is moving on just fine at our home. Our Grand-kids are growing and bringing us joy everyday of our lives! Zander...Z-man is 6 now and has completed Kindergarten and loves school and all of his new friends. He asked his Mommy how many friends she had when she gave him a number and he said, Mommy, "I have way more friends than you!" He is giving, loving and so super protective of his little sister! He absolutely LOVES praying for the meal as loud as he can and it doesn't matter who is over or what family gathering we are at! Papa Dave taught him a High German blessing for the meal and that is the one he always prays! He has even taught his little sister to say that one! He loves singing his Jesus and praise and worship songs, he loves video games (good thing as his Mom and Dad love them too) He is general a happy healthy boy. It's rare to see him cry (even as a baby/toddler) now as a young man it is rare to see him have a meltdown, when that happens one can mostly look back and see he was either very tired or not feeling good! Oh...he does not like needles and has informed him Mom that he WILL run next time they try to give him one. (he did that with his Kindergarten immunization)! Arabella...Bella...Bell What a joy, she is the answer to prayer in a huge way. God has been so good even in the very hard thimes that Hank and Jolene have gone through. Belle is 2 years and 5 months, a tiny petite little thing, that is good though cause I held her through all the worship songs at church yesterday! She copycats Zander all the funny, she is a very goofy child and she knows she can make people laugh. She has such a love for her Papa and of course everyone else too, but Papa is just special! Needless to say she has him wrapped around her finger! She loves to sing, she loves her babies and I love to hear her play "mommy" or as she calls it "good Mommy" If they are at our home and Dave needs a break (he's been sick a lot) then I just have to say, "want a bath"?? And away we go for about an hour! She loves her Pepa Pig and Princess Holly shows but also loves to sign Jesus Loves Me. We are so blessed and thank the LORD for His wonderful love shown to our family.