Monday, December 25, 2006


has come, it is different for us this year in two ways. We have a son-in-law now and it is the first Christmas without my parents.
On Dec 16th we had the Penner Family gathering in Winkler. We ate lunch at the Out Post Grill and then came to our house.
In the past either Dad or Mom read the Christmas story so this year we passed the Bible around and all those who wanted to read a verse or two!
We had a gift exchange for $25 including everyone, ages 5-46, which turned out very well.
Dan (my step-father) joined us in the evening, he brought their wedding album which ended with Mom's funeral pictures! That does not happen to often!! It caused some tears to be shedd, but us Penner's are the "hide your feelings" kind of people.
All in all it was a fantastic, although busy and loud day!
Thanks for all the prayers that have gone up for us.

We had our kids over on the 24th. Wow that's a first, to say that!
We did not go big on gifts because we are taking them to the Mayan in just over 2 weeks! The girls got bathing suits and flip flops and the guys go winter gloves, Kyle got booster cables and Hank got canasta cards.
I got the rock and serve tupperware set from the kids and Dave got a satalite dish and receiver!!

In the evening Dave and I went to our church for a candle lite service. It was amazing! I love Christmas services.

Today we are sitting at home alone, we will go and visit Dave's parents once they are home. It is nice to relax over the holidays.

Wishing everyone who reads this blog a fantastic Christmas. To those who have a sick loved one or have had a loved one pass away, our hearts go out to you.
May the Lord God hold you extra tight this season:)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Going to the Mayan Riviera !!

Well folks, I have just finished booking a vacation for 5 to the Mayan!! I am taking my family there to share in the inheritance I have received from my parents, Jacob B. and Katherine Penner.
Lorne ( my brother) and his family will be going with us! I am so exceited but so scared as well!! I have never flown before!
I will try to add a ticker but I'm not having any luck just now.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I have a Son and a Step-Father, but I lost my Mom.

It is now almost 2 months since Jolene and Hank were married. The wedding was beautiful and short. I am so glad we had a dance for them, it was a great way to celebrate with them. It was a very hot day as well and the wedding party wore black!
Their house did not get done before the wedding. So once they got back from Alberta they ended up sleeping at Hank's parents house for 2 weeks and worked at the house during the days!
They moved in on August 12th.
Once I can figure out how to post pictures I'll have Jolene's wedding, their house and some pics of my Mother's wedding.

My Mom married Dan Thiessen on Friday, July 28th.They were only married 24 days before she passed away. ( they knew going into the marriage that it would not be very long) Mom went to be with Jesus and Dad on August 22 at 6:20pm at her home with most of her kids and her husband Dan at her side.

I now have no parents, when I heard that Mom had liver cancer my first thot was "I'm gonna be and orphan" after letting it sink in for a few minutes I realized how priveleged I was to have had both parents till I was 32 and my Mom till now!

Thankyou to all who have prayed for Mom and the family.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

nine more days...

Well the wedding day is almost upon us! we have gotten so much done over the last few weeks and there is still so much to do!. I am the kind of person that has to make lists to make sure all will be remembered and done.
Jo is having her trail updo today, I should be cleaing and washing like a madwoman but there are so many other little details to see to. Dave and I will be on vacation on Monday and then I hope to power clean.
Hank and Jolene's house is almost ready for the first coat of primer, yes, we hope to have it ready for them by July 22! I'm not sure if all will be done before the wedding or if Hank's family and Dave and I will have to work after as well. Any how, aren't you tired already just hearing what all has to be done?
Mom is hanging in , she has enough meds to keep her functioning. Pleae pray that she will be able to attend Hank and Jolene's wedding.
So much for now, gotta work!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wedding plans are going well,53 more days! Jo is having trouble finding the correct paper to finish the invitations! Hopefully they will go out on time!

On a sad note...My Mom has been diagnoses with liver cancer. The medical team seems to think that it has sperad to the liver from somewhere. They will do a bone scan and if that isn't the primary then they believe that it came from the breast cancer she had 25 years ago!! And we thought she beat that a long time ago.Right now were are playing the "waiting game" that is very hard.Pray for patience, and for the medical team as they do their best for Mom.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This week at work I get to do all the bookkeeping.I absolutly love it! I am so thankfull that I love my job!
On another topic, Jo is almost done her nail tech course at Scientific Marvel! Wow, time goes by so quickly! I'm going to the city tomorrow to have a manicure, pedicure and gel nails done. It is all for Jo's final exam!
I have been walking around barefoot outside because Jo says that I do not have enough callouses on my feet for the exam, she will lose some marks! It is such a beautiful day so Vik and I went for a walk, and yes, I was barefoot!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Life has changed for me in the last week, my baby has her learners!! No, we have not taken her driving YET!
Vik has been busy all week and this weekend she has the electronic 'baby' from her Family Studies course,so we'll see when she will have time.
I have Saturday & Monday off and I'm so exceited about that! Tonight we are going dancing, wow do I love that! Who knew that Dave & I would both enjoy it so much!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Learning to post pics

I know this picture is from a few years ago, but I'm playing around here and I love this one. We are in Watertown, Alberta.

A little about me...

Today was a beautiful, partly sunny day and I have yet to go out for a walk. I will try to convince Vik to go with me a bit later on.
I enjoy checking out my friends blogs so I thought I would try making one of my own! lol We'll see how long I will keep it up( if I know what I'm doing)!!