Monday, October 27, 2008

To our blogger/ praying friends

Shower of Blessing

You are invited to
Bless Jolene
With poem, verse and song
Or a gift just for Mom.

Do not be afraid
If in your eye there will be a tear,
Noah Gabriel
To all is very dear

All Jolene’s dearest friends
Will be gathered on this night
To show her that even in life’s darkest hours
With God and friends there is light

This blessing will take place on
Saturday, November 15th
7:00pm@ 1490 Roblin Blvd West, Winkler

For those of you that are interested,
a gift box for Jolene
Will be available to collect for a
Spa Package from Charity Faye Spa

(We kindly ask that you do not bring gifts for Noah at this time)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Noah...

Today you are 34 weeks old in your Mommy's tummy! It seemed like it would take forever for you to be born and now we are 6 short weeks away from meeting you face to face.

We were so excited when your Mommy and Daddy told us that you were going to join our family, then we had some very sad news when you were about 22 weeks old. The Doctors tell us that you will be born to go live with Jesus in Heaven. I know for you it is the most amazing thing, but you will be missed so very much. We have learned to still be so thrilled with each move you make, hiccups and all. You are so much alive, we all LOVE you and we celebrate your life!

Instead of a nursery at your Mommy and Daddy's house you will have one in a mansion in heaven, do you know how I know that? That is what Jesus says in the Bible, He is preparing it as we speak!

I guess He will be telling you all the Bible stories that I wanted to read to you. Imagine hearing them from Jesus Himself!

You are such a special boy, Heaven will be even closer once that will be your home.

We don't understand why you can't stay, but we trust the Lord with your life. I still believe and hope that Jesus will give us the miracle of healing your body, but will understand if he needs you with him.

I want to tell you my favorite Bible verse, it is in Jeremiah 29: 11-13. It talks about the plans God has for your life and ours and how He wants the best for us but we have to seek him with our whole heart.

We will meet you again in Heaven because we have all asked Jesus to be our Savior and are living our lives as best as we can for Him.

So, until your birthday we will enjoy your kicks and I so look forward to holding you in my arms and kissing your sweet face and telling you what a perfect grandson God has blessed me with!

Goodnight sweet Noah

Love Nana

Monday, October 06, 2008

Do we scare him???

Powerful Women

Live your life in such a way
that when your feet
hit the floor in the morning
Satan shudders and says,
'Oh, shit. She's awake.'

Thanksgiving Weekend

So... the weekend before we go to Alberta we are going to
Thief River Falls, Seven Clans Casino and Resort
with my family for Thanksgiving.
We started going away for this weekend after my Mom passed away two years ago
and we were left 'orphans' (our Dad passed away in 2000)
It is a way to stay connected as a family and relax.

Friday, October 03, 2008


# 8 parkland Cres. Winkler MB

1 year old Stainless Steel fridge & Ceramic stove

chest frezeer, upright freezer

bakers/wine rack

black & stainless steel coffe and end tables

wall unit


and much more...