Monday, December 25, 2006


has come, it is different for us this year in two ways. We have a son-in-law now and it is the first Christmas without my parents.
On Dec 16th we had the Penner Family gathering in Winkler. We ate lunch at the Out Post Grill and then came to our house.
In the past either Dad or Mom read the Christmas story so this year we passed the Bible around and all those who wanted to read a verse or two!
We had a gift exchange for $25 including everyone, ages 5-46, which turned out very well.
Dan (my step-father) joined us in the evening, he brought their wedding album which ended with Mom's funeral pictures! That does not happen to often!! It caused some tears to be shedd, but us Penner's are the "hide your feelings" kind of people.
All in all it was a fantastic, although busy and loud day!
Thanks for all the prayers that have gone up for us.

We had our kids over on the 24th. Wow that's a first, to say that!
We did not go big on gifts because we are taking them to the Mayan in just over 2 weeks! The girls got bathing suits and flip flops and the guys go winter gloves, Kyle got booster cables and Hank got canasta cards.
I got the rock and serve tupperware set from the kids and Dave got a satalite dish and receiver!!

In the evening Dave and I went to our church for a candle lite service. It was amazing! I love Christmas services.

Today we are sitting at home alone, we will go and visit Dave's parents once they are home. It is nice to relax over the holidays.

Wishing everyone who reads this blog a fantastic Christmas. To those who have a sick loved one or have had a loved one pass away, our hearts go out to you.
May the Lord God hold you extra tight this season:)