Saturday, October 23, 2010

8 months

He has learned to clap and does that when Daddy comes home from work
and when he is happy, which is most of the time!
oh and how he drools! his shirt is halfway soaked and he was over maybe 2 hours!
See the tiny tooth beside the turtle??
Thank you Lord for this blessing we call Zander David Wall!

Fender Bender Friday!

Yes that is me standing by the Black Ford Edge!
I had a feeling before I even got into the Edge at work that I needed
to talk to God about safety!
I prayed that he would keep me safe and that I would not have an accident.
All the way on the drive to the Credit Union my thoughts were
"what would I do if I had an accident with a Meridian vehicle"
Well now I know. And God answered half of my prayer, whiplash is all I have.
I was waiting to turn left onto Mountain when I was schmucked from behind,
I never saw it coming! Apparently she did not see me on time either.
What a sweet girl, I felt so bad for her. English is not her first language, French is.
She did not understand half of what was said.
I am thankful I got to meet this young girl.
After Bernie picked me up and brought me back to work I went to fill
out a police report, she was still there waiting for a taxi.
I asked her if I could give her a ride home, she was so distraught.
She accepted and I brought her home.
After my chiro appointment today I feel much better, hope it stays that way!
God is Good, All the time!