Thursday, July 13, 2006

nine more days...

Well the wedding day is almost upon us! we have gotten so much done over the last few weeks and there is still so much to do!. I am the kind of person that has to make lists to make sure all will be remembered and done.
Jo is having her trail updo today, I should be cleaing and washing like a madwoman but there are so many other little details to see to. Dave and I will be on vacation on Monday and then I hope to power clean.
Hank and Jolene's house is almost ready for the first coat of primer, yes, we hope to have it ready for them by July 22! I'm not sure if all will be done before the wedding or if Hank's family and Dave and I will have to work after as well. Any how, aren't you tired already just hearing what all has to be done?
Mom is hanging in , she has enough meds to keep her functioning. Pleae pray that she will be able to attend Hank and Jolene's wedding.
So much for now, gotta work!!!