Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please Pray for Baby Wall and Hank & Jolene

Jolene had her routine ultrasound today and they were given very sad news.
Their baby will not live. I found an artical that will give you and idea of what they will be facing.

18 July 2000 - 19 July 2000 On the 18th July 2000, our fourth child, Anouk, was born. Thirteen hours later she died. Today, I will try to write down what we lived through with her. Everything was normal until the 20th week of the pregnancy, but by the time of the main scan, the gynecologist noticed a fibroma on my uterus, which could be dangerous during the delivery. Because he was not sure, he sent me to a specialist at the CHUV hospital. Other than the fibroma, all was well. Everything but the head was able to be examined by the gynecologist, but I knew they could do that at the CHUV, so I was not worried. Two weeks later I met the ultrasonic specialist Dr. Vial. Although he did not mention a fibroma, the examination was longer than usual. "I am seriously worried about the head," he said. "Your child suffers from a very serious malformation called anencephaly. This means that the cranial bone and the skin are missing...

Please Pray for streangth.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

20 Weeks!

Halfway there to meeting our little Grandbaby!
Mama and Baby Wall are doing great and so is Daddy!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Happy birthday to:
Dennis - brother July 1
Alexander - nephew July 2 (sixteen)
Kaitlyn - niece July 3
Lorne - brother July 18

23rd Anniversary

June 29th