Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Upgraded to the Crown Paradise Club *****

Tuesday morning we wanted to walk into Bucerias to do some shopping. While the others were waiting for Dave and I; they were asked by the resort manager if we wanted to move to the Crown Paradise Club for the rest of our stay in Mexico! We we had just walked the beach in front of that resort the other day and said how we would have liked to try their sister resort the Crown Paradise! It did not take us long to make this move and we got a bottle of tequila and 2 shirts and taxi fare to boot!! PV here we come!It was a good move and we had a great time there, i would definitely recommend this resort to a family, great kids aqua park!

Crown Paradise Club *****

We went on the Kon Tiki Whale watching tour. We saw hump back wales and then we went to a private beach were the people that wanted to could go snorkeling and others could go to the beach or stay on the catamaran.
On the last picture you can see the white building on the right, that is the part of the resort that we stayed in while in PV, the cruise ship is quite a bit larger!

Whale Watching/Snorkeling and the Cruise Ships

We went into PV 2 times and just walked all over. What a neat town. We ate at Cafe de Angels and Pipi's.
We walked past Elisabeth Taylor's old house and down the Melancon. Beautiful flowers all over!
I love to see how people live in other countries. Here I noticed that a lot of teens had cell phones, i pods ect... not at all what I expected.
The bus rides into town were interesting! When we paid our fare the bus driver did not have change for us, so he waited till another bus came up beside him and then he made change through the window with others honking behind him!

Puerto Vallarta


The first part of our vacation was at the Royal DeCameron close to Bucerias in Nuevo Vallarta. They had an awesome beach and the grounds were amazing and the staff was super friendly.It was a 20 minute walk to Bucerias and we enjoyed the festival that was going on there.
It is a very large complex, to large for us. 5 pools, 3 buffets and 4 restaurants.
We were in Block 4 on the second floor. The floor in our room could have used a very heavy duty scrub brush, well, an overall cleaning job!

Royal DeCameron

Monday, January 14, 2008

The pictures we used...

for our 2007 Christmas Cards.

Thanks to Trish for taking them!

Our Little Grand Pets!

Jo and Hank's little kittens.
Billy & Kovu

Vikk with their puppy, Charlie

Jo and Charlie

Look at those blue eyes (on Charlie!)

He is part Chocolate Lab and Rottweiler (they think)

A Bedroom in the Making...

Vikk is in a Clothing Housing & Design class this year and her big project to pass the course is to paint a room. Well her room was not built yet so in the beginning of November we started finishing out our basement. We had a lot of help which Dave and I were very grateful for as we are not carpenters, electrician nor plumbers! Here are some pics of Vikk's project!
The color is different in each photo!! It is called Mary's Lipstick.