Monday, January 29, 2007

Volleyball and Para-sailing

Dave, Hank and Justin playing beach volleyball whenever possible! Annie, Lorne and Vik joined in at the beach a few times as well.

This is Dave and I getting ready to lift off!

Pool volleyball, Tomatoes vs Potatoes

Dave and I about 150 meters up!
Below you can see our Resort.

We all went para-sailing on Tuesday, it was a beautiful sunny day. I thought it would be scary but I loved it as did the others!

More pics of our day at Xel-Ha

We rested at the Hamock Villiage (Vik in pic)
Ate lunch outdoors with sand as our floor! (Vik, Hank,Justin, Katlyn and Jo)
There were guys walking around all day wanting to take pictures of you with Tucans or Parrots, they make very sure that you will not get a good picture! (Jo)
And some of the fish, I never did get a good shot of the blue one:(
After the jungle walk we all needed something to cool ourselves off, especially Dave!! Here we are at an ice cream/ bar stand.

Snorkeling at Xel-Ha

The kids loved the snorkeling after they learned how to breath with their gear! There were some beautiful bright blue fish. We also saw sword fish. I was the only one that did not go in the water :)

Our Trip to the Mayan Riviera

This is my favorite picture of Dave and I, it is taken at Xel-Ha. We took an all inclusive day trip there on Sunday. We have just finished taking a one hour walk through a "jungle trail"