Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In Loving Memory of my Mother, Katherine Penner

I have put together some pictures that will tell you a bit about my Mom.
This first picture is my Mom and her sibblings, Dad is still in the picture so it has to be over eight years ago.Mom is the one in the pink dress, Dad is the last and smallest guy!

Mom's sister Mary got married for the first time when she was in her seventies ( 71 I think) She asked Mom to be her bridesmaid, and Mom took that job very seriously.What a beauty she was that day!

Mom and her sisters; Elma, Martha and Betty sang for Mary and Jake.

Mom continued to travel after Dad passed away and here she is in Mexico visiting her sister Elma, brother Heinrich and Dad's brother Hein and their families. Elaine took Mom on a horse ride and photo shoot!!

A trip to Red Lobster with the girls was what she wanted for her birthday.

She made the trip to Winkler a lot and here she is helping Jo with her grad dress.

Cards and Games!!! That is what Mom loved,Canasta could get very serious, not a card out of place and 'are you sure you are following the rules?'!!!

Christmas at the Canad Inns in Winnipeg, these are her children.
Dennis, Lorne, Bernice, Verna and Henry.

Mom had a hobby/job, she knitted baby sweaters and sewed flannel pj's and sold them at craft sales. She did very well, it was a hard thing to give up for her, when we cleaned up her sewing room she sat with us and made sure every unfinished pair of pj's would have the right amount and color of ribbing. Here is just a "few" of the finished pj's.

On Mom's 60th birthday we took her to Montana's and she had the pleasure of wearing their Birthday Hat!!

Mom was very proud of the fact that she could be in a picture with her two granddaughters, Jo and Vik and all three of them were dating at the same time!

Here are Mom and Bernice at our house, Mom had been given new medication and she called it the "Miracle pill." She had more energy than I did. We had shopped most of the day for wedding supplies, I was tired!

Margaret, Mom's personal massage therapist,what an awesome help she was to Mom.

Dancing was also very high
on her list and she enjoyed every minute of it!

" Roses Love Sunshine"

Lorne taking his one and only chance to dance with his Mother, we all had our chance at the wedding and we took it.

Mom and her girls

Eating her favorite desserts, chocolate cake and date squares on her wedding day.What a beautiful bride!

It was hard for Mom to leave us, but she knew that we would be ok.
She was ready to go Home.

Mom took comfort in the words of this song:

Lord Jesus I love you ,You know I love you
Lord Jesus you saved me ,From sin so great
You give me power ,For every hour
Lord Jesus I love you ,You know that I do

"I Will Meet You In The Morning"

We miss you Mom

Monday, August 20, 2007

What I like about Blogs...

is that it is a perfect opportunity to pray for people that are in need. I don't always leave a comment, but I always say a prayer.
I find such encouragement from the strength that I have read about, little Noah and his family, the Toews family, the Dad that has cancer, the Mom's that are being stretched in parenting issues and so many more.
For me my struggle is the teenage "dating" years. We had a 'boyfriend' for almost 2 years and he was around everywhere and we loved him almost as if he were our kid! Well, he is not the 'boyfriend' anymore and I have had a hard time letting go and therefore causing my daughter a lot of grief as well. She has met a new young man and seems interested and I need to be there for her. That is my struggle! Now you know how you can pray for me.