Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our walk in Old PV

Checking the map for the restaurants in Old PV.

At a restaurant in PV I think it was called the Cafe de Angels, Awesome Mexican food!

Pipi's, they make the guacamole right in front of you, bring tip money!
Margaritas cost more than the meals!! Henry paid the Mariachis to play for us!
A very colorful place.
Hailing the oldest bus possible was a treat for my brother! Not so much for our backs!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Marriage Seminar

Dave and I attended this conference today and although it is a lot to absorb in one day; it was good. Our goal it to work on the communication.

REAL Marriage is a one-day conference that gives you the answers you need for the very real problems you are facing in your marriage. This dynamic, media driven event is also interactive, you and your spouse will work through projects to get or keep your relationship on track.This is a chance for you to transform your marriage by discovering what real commitment, real communication, real companionship and real closeness really look like.
For more information on upcoming conferences please see dates/locations or contact us at

Information Sheet (details on hosting a conference in .pdf format)
Planning Information (details on planning a conference in .pdf format)

Real Commitment
Keeping your promise in a world that doesn't know how. Discover what causes married couples to be happier, live longer, have more wealth and have a better sex life.
Real Communication
Keeping the lines open when facing a lost connection. Discover a dynamic process of understanding that keeps your relationship vibrant and alive.
Real Companionship
To have and to hold and to keep holding on. You'll be surprised to discover what you will learn.
Real Closeness
Stoking the flames of red hot monogamy! Discover how to make sex the gift you both enjoy.
Real Change
Finding God in ways you never thought possible. Discover how your experience with God transforms your marriage.

Friday, February 15, 2008


For God so loVed the world,

That He gAve

his onLy



That whosoever

Believeth In Him

Should Not perish,

But have Everlasting life.'

John 3:16

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dave and his sibblings...all 13 of them!

Can you guess which one is my husband?
Oh there are a few doubles in here!
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Hank & Jolene

Posted by PicasaThis was last Valentine's Day as well, we made supper for our girls and their significant others! One of whom is no longer with us =[

What a Sweetheart!

When I was a kid in school, I was usually the one with the least cards in my Valentine's Pouch! I was a VERY shy child and that = few friends!
I must have mentioned this a time or two to my kids and this is the surprise I got last Valentines Day!!Posted by Picasa Notice that they are the Stawberry Shortcake cards!! She must be almost as old as I am!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Grad Dress Shopping

Yesterday Vikk, Jo and I went to Winnipeg to look for a grad dress for Victoria. We had an awesome time and we only went to three stores.
She found a dress (the first one she tried on) but we purchased it at the third store! At the first store it was $529.00 at the second it was $499.00 and at the third it was $450.00! Amazing that it went down in price, plus in the end the manager gave us a great discount because we bought four dresses for Jo's wedding there!
She went with a specific color and style in mind. I think she got the style, but the color is so very different, it is the perfect dress for the perfect daughter!
I will post pics of some of the dresses she tried on, but you will have to wait till June to see the one she choose!
For the record, we purchased at Chantal's, and lunch was at the sandwich place right across the street.